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About Fdata

Fdata Co., Ltd is an innovation technology company and specialized in the development of payment hardware solution and software integrated system. Fdata focuses on the “Finance + Internet of Things” industry and provides smart, trusted, secure and original design manufacturing solutions to successfully grow partner business across all channels.

Handheld POS

Fdata provides customized development solutions including AI facial recognition terminal with fever infrared thermal imaging camera system integrated, smart payment, mobile payment, fiscal/tax control system, logistics (express) system, lottery gaming system, cash register system, smart property system, smart ticketing, smart customer service, smart transportation, financial innovation, IoT (internet of things), and cloud computing etc.

Biometric POS

How We Perform

Fdata have developed smart payment, smart community, smart retail, smart restaurant, face recognition temperature measurement, government election and other scene applications to build "Finance + Internet" brand and complete solutions.

Our Advantages