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Analysis on the anti-drop performance of the handheld terminal

Handheld terminals, as mobile smart devices, have been widely used in field operations in various industries. Compared with the mobile phones we usually use, handheld terminals should have a certain degree of industry due to frequent use and operation and the harsh environment at the operation site levels to ensure continuous working conditions.

The industrial performance required by general handheld terminals includes: sealing level to achieve dust-proof and waterproof effects; electrostatic radiation level to achieve explosion-proof requirements; drop height level to achieve equipment anti-drop ability. Here we focus on the drop height level of the handheld terminal, which is actually the anti-drop ability. When we usually use mobile phones, we often accidentally drop the phone to the ground, and sometimes accidentally break the phone and fail to work properly. Handheld terminals, as industrial equipment, certainly cannot allow this to happen.


Therefore, from the beginning of its design, every device on the market determines its anti-drop ability and anti-rolling ability. Basically, the manufacturer will indicate the drop height, anti-drop height and frequency of the handheld terminal of the model in the product brochure.

In the equipment drop test, a six-sided natural drop test is generally performed on the equipment at a certain height. When the equipment falls to the concrete floor, the equipment will deform due to the impact force. If the deformation is large, the equipment will be damaged.

If we put aside the indicators on the anti-drop parameters provided by the handheld terminal manufacturers, how to judge whether a device is resistant to drop?

We can make a rough judgment from these aspects: whether the device design structure is integrated, whether the main components of the motherboard are shielded, and the housing material selection etc.



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