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Fintech creates contactless food delivery, UnionPay Commerce helps build smart campus

The current China's epidemic situation has been relatively stable, but the normalized epidemic prevention and control work on densely populated campuses still faces severe challenges, and ensuring the safe eating of school students is an indispensable part of it. UnionPay Commerce, a well-known comprehensive payment and merchant value-added service provider in China, relies on the service experience and technical advantages accumulated in the field of financial technology for many years to customize the "contactless" takeaway program for colleges and universities. The new safe dining mode of "ordering and self-service meal picking" has helped the digital and intelligent transformation of campus catering services.

campus food delivery contactless pickup

Previously, the students had three meals a day mainly in the school cafeteria. The gathering of people during the meal brought great inconvenience to the school's normalized epidemic prevention and control. In response to the urgent needs of College for closed management and decentralized dining, UnionPay Commerce provides it with a “contactless” takeaway solution, which can cover the entire process of online ordering, canteen ordering, rider delivery, and self-service meal collection, etc. Students do not need to line up in the cafeteria, and can easily enjoy all kinds of food in the dormitory. Now, students only need to pay attention to the WeChat official account dedicated to ordering food, open "I want to order" in the menu bar, enter the mobile phone number and student number to complete the identity verification, and select hot dried noodles, snail noodles, and snail noodles online. After you place an order and pay for various foods such as mala Tang, you can go to the meal picking cabinet downstairs in the dormitory to pick up the meal with the code by using the SMS with the meal code received on your mobile phone. From placing an order to picking up a meal, the entire process generally only takes 20 to 30 minutes. Students can easily and quickly enjoy safe catering services as long as they move their fingers.


In the future, UnionPay's “contactless” food delivery program will also support students’ mobile phone orders, canteens, or self-collection by on-campus merchants through access to the “Cloud QuickPass” APP digital campus module, which will help campus takeaways to be more diversified and personalized.


It is understood that the UnionPay business "contactless" takeaway program will be gradually extended to more closed scenarios such as parks, factories, hospitals, etc., to help industrial businesses in the parks to further build a safe defense line for epidemic prevention and control, and to seize epidemic prevention and control. Contribute to the victory of both economic and social development.

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