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ESL electronic paper price tag and ink screen label help industrial smart manufacturing


With the more and more widespread application of intelligent software systems in industrial manufacturing, the assistance of intelligent hardware is needed to better assist intelligent manufacturing, and the electronic paper price tag ESL is an efficient and environmentally friendly existence.

In the manufacturing process of the factory, there are thousands of turnover boxes in production circulation every day, most of which are guided and managed by static paper labels. The electronic visual card of the turnover box will replace the paper card on the original turnover box and can be seamlessly connected with the information system. It is an important part of the industrial Internet of Things.

Electronic Price Tag - Electronic PirceTag | Electronic Shelf Label |  Shelf edge display

Through the electronic visual card, the material information in the production process directly interacts with the enterprise information management system. ESL electronic shelf price tags can be applied not only in automated assembly lines, but also in inventory information management, production kanbans, station management, house numbers, toilet cleaning record cards, etc., and can even be used by employees as electronic badges.

As we all know, the electronic paper ink screen can retain the original picture and text status without powering up. It can drive 7.5-inch, 4.2-inch, 2.9-inch, 2.13-inch, 6-inch and other electronic ink screens of various specifications through the mobile phone’s NFC power supply. These screens will obtain energy and data from the NFC chip in the smartphone without additional Powered by the battery. Users only need to install an APP on their mobile phones to perform simple programming operations, change text or pictures arbitrarily, and provide secondary development kits for secondary development for commercial purposes.

electronic ink price tag

Electronic paper display labels, instead of traditional paper labels, can greatly reduce the use of paper and printing consumables, environmentally friendly, efficient, and reduce operating costs. This is an ESL electronic paper display label that does not require a battery, and it is designed with three proofings. It is the same electronic ink screen technology as the electronic price tags used in many supermarkets. It can be recycled for a long time and is extremely environmentally friendly, which greatly reduces resources waste.


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