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Facial recognition and Touch ID will exist in one product?

Facial recognition was still a hot topic in the past few years, but now that everyone wears a mask, face recognition has become a problem.

At the beginning, face recognition was to liberate your hands, you can unlock by picking up the phone, and at the same time increase the proportion of screen images that can be used.  Changes in the usage habits.


However, it should be a feasible solution to place Face-ID and Touch-ID at the same time. According to different usage scenarios, there will be different usage habits. Touch-ID is indeed needed in occasions where masks are required, but no masks are required. Which identification method is more convenient? Or is it because of the development cost that the two methods are highly alternative and can only use Touch-ID?

Product development is done in accordance with the user's usage habits, to solve the use problems to the greatest extent, in order to make consumers addicted.


2021 new product plan? How do you think the market will be?

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