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How to solve the dilemma of labor shortage in restaurant industry?


Many people are returning to restaurants as restrictions on the cowid-19 begin to ease across the most countries. There's no doubt that's good news for restaurant owners, but they're not out of the dilemma yet. For many business owners, the current restaurant industry labor shortage is another obstacle to their continued survival. Although contributing factors such as unemployment benefits, job changes and the need to take care of children or relatives have all played a role in the recent shortage of workers, strictly speaking, filling vacancies in the hotel industry is not a post pandemic problem.

For decades, low wages, long hours of work and the lack of healthcare in junior jobs have deterred many job seekers from looking for jobs in the restaurant industry. However, this cannot be entirely attributed to business owners. Any industry with a profit margin will always rely on cheap labor.

But that is slowly beginning to change. Don’t let the stats scare you. We are here to help you walk out of this dilemma. Fdata company has developed more efficient restaurant customer self-service kiosk and robot waiter system solutions. Our restaurant technology solutions offer you great productivity, customer meal experience, and save costs on labors. Therefore, contact us if you are looking to change this negative situation or invest in restaurants, we have the expertise and qualification to give you what you want.

Our self-service kiosks and restaurant robot waiters are developed with a better productivity and helping restauranteurs to decrease the operation costs. Since this will be implemented in a restaurant, customers will have the opportunity of attending to certain things themselves without bothering the people who work in the restaurant. Most times, they only need little supervision to use the system effectively. So that is a huge plus for the restaurant because their staff can be engaged in other responsibilities.

restaurant delivery robot waiter

Many restaurants are quick to consider the cost of setting up a restaurant self-service kiosk or robot with the appropriate system. It’s only a few people who understand that such measures will cut back on labor expenses eventually. If your restaurant is operating a self-service kiosk or robot waiter solution of any kind, it means some staffs will be redundant.

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