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Intelligent electronic scale has new opportunity as the upgrading of agricultural market

Agricultural market, as a "basket of vegetables" which concerns the vital interests of millions of families, has always been the key work of people's livelihood that the government concerns great importance to. Therefore, in order to ensure the long-term stable supply of this huge project for people's livelihood, the state has implemented many relevant preferential policies and increased support for the optimization of the consumption and circulation environment, market regulation and the normalization of food quality and safety systems in agricultural markets.

With the implementation of national policies, all over the active promotion of the normalization of smart agricultural market, a large number of intelligent products were introduced into the smart agricultural market to change the old appearance of tradition agricultural market. In the future, smart agricultural product trade will become the mainstream of the development of agricultural markets, and smart cash register electronic scales will also usher in new development opportunities.


The needs to upgrade agricultural market

Agricultural market is a showcase of urban civilization construction, but also a symbol of urban cultural construction, it represents a city's most true. With the development of the times, Agricultural markets began to appear in various cities, with flexible prices, convenient and fast advantages quickly captured the hearts of citizens, but the rapid development of social economy, the speed of urban renewal is accelerating, so that the shortcomings of agricultural markets gradually exposed to the public's perspective, dirty mess, outdated facilities, blocked channels gradually become the tags of agricultural markets, coupled with the application of modern information technology means is not sufficient, difficult to meet the new era of consumer demands and management needs, It makes the development of agricultural market in trouble. Therefore, upgrading the infrastructure of agricultural markets, and completing the information transformation of agricultural markets are listed into the "guarantee food safety" project.


The implementation of the "agricultural market upgrading project" and "information construction" after the new agricultural market, on the one hand, it meets the needs of the general public, government departments, merchants, on the other hand, the market supervision authority, the Bureau of Commerce and other departments to the market intelligence information requirements. For consumers, the behaviors of opaque market prices and less scales are eliminated, shopping experience satisfaction has been improved, for self-employed merchants, the brand effect has been enhanced, can increase their own publicity effect, increase consumer stickiness.

Completing the upgrading of the informationalization of agricultural markets and realizing "providing price information in real time and providing merchants with traceable scales" is another work content in the people's livelihood "safeguarding food safety". Traditional agricultural market through the Internet, electronic systems, information equipment and other information technology methods, agricultural market combined with traceability scales, set up a "smart collection, release and application" three functional scenes, innovative to create a "food price monitoring, agricultural product testing and traceability, merchant information transparency, diverse payment methods, membership system, etc." as the characteristics of the smart agricultural market.
Agricultural market is undergoing a historic transformation, in the future, Agricultural market will be the same as supermarkets, norms, health, safety, to bring consumers a good shopping environment and experience.
The relationship between smart agricultural product trade and the Point of sale industry

The state requires the upgrading and transformation of agricultural markets from the convenience, smart, humanization, characteristics, standardization of five aspects, in which facilitation and smart can not be achieved without the help of intelligent equipment. In the upgrading and transformation of smart agricultural product trade, intelligent hardware and software such as smart cash register, intelligent electronic scale, cash register management system, food traceability system and data integration platform play an important role. 

Traditional agricultural markets exist unreasonable market planning, hardware and software are not matched, management is not standardized, traceability system is missing and other disadvantages, these disadvantages can be through intelligent hardware and software to make reasonable improvements. In addition, less scale is a common thing in the tradition agricultural market, intelligent electronic cash register scales can better protect the benefits of consumers, so that consumers in the shopping process can directly and transparently see the unit price, amount, quantity and so on.

It can be learned that in the process of the upgrading of smart agricultural markets, smart devices play an irreplaceable role, the convenience of smart agricultural product trade intuitively reflected. Smart agricultural product trade provides the POS industry greater development opportunities.

Opportunities for the development of intelligent electronic scale cash registers

In 2020, smart agricultural market is popular all over the China, the provincial and municipal governments actively promote the transformation and upgrading of agricultural markets, the major cities of the smart agricultural markets are springing up, bright and clean agricultural market environment, planning orderly booth, intuitive and transparent weighing cash register.

Smart electronic scales as the upgrading of smart agricultural markets the most critical terminals, bring their own dual display screen, support fast payment, but also record and integrate transaction data, the collected data uploaded to the regulatory background, regulators can timely find unfair trading behavior in the market, to maximize the protection of fair buying and selling, as well as print with "trace code" and other information tickets, not only to enable consumers to trace food safety, but also to provide consumers with the basis for rights protection. 

In the smart agricultural markets, through the upgrading of hardware and software systems, the main functions such as "intelligent weighing cash register, vegetable price trading publicity, merchant information publicity, transaction data collection, intelligent detection, food safety and transaction traceability, big data management, Internet of Things transactions, information query, online food buying platform" are realized, so that Agricultural market in operation, management, service, supervision and big data applications, can be faster and better to achieve information networking, transparency, and modern management.

The times are changing, the new things replace old ones, the upgrading of intelligent agricultural product trade is the best proof. The traditional agricultural market can no longer meet the needs of people, but also can not keep up with the pace of development of the times, gradually eliminated, replaced by a more convenient, intelligent, humane, standardized, characteristic intelligent agricultural markets.
The transformation and upgrading of agricultural market have promoted the development of POS (Point of sale) industry, giving POS industry a bigger stage to show itself. Smart equipment into the agricultural markets, so that it comes to change the tradition agricultural market unreasonable planning, hardware and software do not match, management irregularities, traceability system missing the statuses, with a new look again in the eyes of the public, shake off the dirty mess, low management level, poor business service attitude and other labels. It can be said that the popularity of smart farmers can not be separated from the help of intelligent hardware and software.
Since the development of smart agricultural markets, intelligent cash register electronic scales gradually deep into the agricultural markets, they become indispensable intelligent terminals and occupy a huge market. Let us wait to see!

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