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What applications a self-service vending machine can be used to

Introduction of shared vending machine  

The intelligent vending machine is a kind of vending machine which is updated on the basis of the original vending machine and realizes the mobile and intelligent campus shared vending machine. In the current market, the intelligent vending machine has a great development space. The campus shared vending machine is a machine that can pay goods automatically according to the money invested. It is not limited by time and place, can save labor cost and facilitate transaction. A new form of commercial retail, also known as 24-hour micro store. Developing a smart vending machine has become a top priority. The campus shared vending machine solution developed by 6108 inherits DC. The advertising and publishing function of MIPS multimedia information distribution system, on the basis of traditional self-service vending machines, has increased the paperless payment of advertising operation, game interaction, big data management, WeChat, Alipay and so on, and provides a variety of business mode customization and item channel customization.

Advantages of campus shared vending machine scheme  

Intelligent campus shared vending machine display screen, in addition to better interaction with customers, but also has considerable advertising value. The campus shared vending machine itself is distributed in the area with huge flow of people. The display screen advertisement further excavates the value of offline traffic and expands the profit model of campus shared vending machine.

1. Convenience.
With the upgrading of the functions of campus shared vending machines, more and more products are sold in campus shared vending machines. At the same time, based on the characteristics of low deployment requirements and strong service continuity of campus shared vending machines, consumers' acute and convenient consumption demands are met to a great extent. Therefore, campus shared vending machines will become more and more popular.

2. Flexible operation.
Compared with convenience stores, campus shared vending machines have great differences in operating costs and operating threshold. As long as there is a space about 3sqm and power supply, campus shared vending machines can be easily handled in the office, shopping malls, stations and community gates, with low labor force, low field rent, 24-hour service, all year round and the deployment is very mobile, so it's hard to like it or not.

3. Intelligent management.
The intelligent cloud management platform of campus shared vending machines can realize remote management of multiple campus shared vending machines by one person at home. At the same time, it can also intuitively understand the sales period analysis and commodity replenishment information of campus shared vending machines on the cloud platform. The family has control over the behavior preference of consumers, so as to achieve the goal of sharing vending machines on campus Operations vary from person to person, to local conditions, and to time.

4. All aspects of management and service standardization.
After the integration of campus shared vending machines and Internet technology, the management of shared vending machines in the whole campus tends to be more standardized. The sales data can be checked if you want, real-time monitoring, shortage and fault can be clearly seen at a glance, and remote management is good and convenient; Accurate data management not only improves the management efficiency of vending operation enterprises, but also makes the campus shared vending machine service more standard, closer to consumers and lower cost, which is undoubtedly a great gospel for chain type retail service bodies.

 Campus shared vending machine scheme function introduction  

The smart vending machine can view the distribution network through the cloud, and realize mobile payment through WeChat, Alipay and mobile payment. Through the display screen, it can interact and cooperate with the media.


1. Basic functions

1) Advertising release function: standard configuration of 32 inch LCD touch horizontal display screen (22 inch, 55 inch and other LCD screens are optional), strong human-computer interaction interface, support to play various formats of video and pictures. Through LAN, WiFi, 4G and other networks, remote real-time control update and multimedia advertising can be realized.

2) Touch interactive function: provide glass window, LED lighting, luxury and intuitive commodity display under the touch screen.

3) payment collection function: support WeChat, Alipay scan code, banknotes and other payments, customizable notes, coins and coins change function. Baidu wallet payment, QQ wallet payment, UnionPay flash payment, VisaPaywave payment, credit card payment and other payment methods can be customized.


2. Operation function

1) The game has the function of interactive lottery.

2) You can view the operation configuration parameters of the machine: such as the winning rate of commodities, the lottery game, the winner of prize rate, etc.

3) It can customize various operation functions, big data mobile phones, and advertising push function (as the second step update)

3. Basic functions of sales

1) Can sell a variety of small food and canned, boxed, bagged drinks at the same time.

2) The spring goods way has the function of breaking point memory. When the goods are put in multiple goods ways, the goods put in the goods way first will be delivered first. For the goods with short shelf life, the cost will be effectively reduced.

3) Machine reserved expansion, can be combined into a large capacity campus shared vending machine at any time.

4) The microcomputer control system has intelligent data query, fault self-diagnosis and other management functions.

5) The size of the goods aisle can be changed at any time to adapt to different sizes of goods.

6) Standard configuration of grating delivery inspection system.


4. Data statistics function: Statistics of all sales orders, query transaction records by conditions, export transaction records, sales information, etc.


5. Member management: obtain member information, commodity purchase preference information, etc.


6. Self inspection management: have equipment failure alarm, out of stock


App development of campus shared vending machine


In the Internet era, when we use the campus shared vending machine software, we can scan the code directly through the app in the mobile phone. We can directly select goods from the mobile phone and pay for the purchase by mobile phone. Businesses can track the quantity of goods in real time through the Internet, replenish goods in time, and improve sales volume. Campus shared vending machine software app can improve the development of campus shared vending machine.


1. Advantages of app development of shared vending machine on campus


1) convenience: nowadays few people go out with small change. Alipay and WeChat payment have become the main way of payment in people's life. Campus sharing vending machines are basically to put in change, for young people is not convenient enough. Campus sharing vending machine app development allows users to pay directly on their mobile phones, and then directly to the campus shared vending machine to pick up goods.

2) Innovation: campus shared vending machine has existed in our life for many years, and we have never changed this way. Even if mobile payment appears, it will be more convenient, but it still needs to be operated on the vending machine. From the innovative point of view, the development of campus shared vending machine app is the progress of the times and the progress of science and technology.

3) Acceptance: users usually have the habit of using campus shared vending machines, so the acceptance will be higher, and the frequency of use will be more. On the whole, it is still good.

2. Campus sharing vending machine app development function


1) Online shopping: users can use campus shared vending machine software app to directly purchase goods online.

2) Order confirmation payment: after selecting the right product, the shopper can confirm the payment directly online.


3. Business background function: timely update the sales data of goods in the equipment, remind the replenishment of goods, report statistics of sales amount and quantity.


4. Points exchange products: improve the user's app usage stickiness, and obtain corresponding points exchange products by payment purchase.


5. Action recognition function: campus shared vending machine software can automatically sense the user's gesture, action recognition online selection of goods, out of the shipping port.


Features of campus shared vending machine  

Shared vending machines bring great convenience to consumers because they support a variety of payment methods, such as debit card or credit card, mobile wallet, QR code or Internet payment. With these payment methods, on the one hand, customers can obtain product promotion indirectly, on the other hand, operators can put more products with higher profits into the shared vending machine.


1. It adopts high-performance industry board, built-in Arm Series High-Performance chip, with the highest processing speed of 2, 0 GHz, running Android system faster and more stable.


2. It is fully compatible with the full-size (5-100 inch) display screen on the market, supports LVDS / EDP / Mipi / HDMI display interface, and supports 4K hard solution at most, making the product display and advertising display more attractive.


3. It supports dual screen display, and single board can drive two display screens at the same time.


4. Rich expansion interface, the motherboard scheme reserves sufficient external equipment interfaces (RS232, RS485, UART, USB, LVDS, EDP, Mipi, HDMI, I2C, SPI, RTC, SPK, ADC, line in, line out, etc.).


5. Rich and diverse human-computer interaction, support touch screen, camera, human body induction and other interactive modes.


6. Using the high-performance characteristics of the board, it can run artificial intelligence algorithms such as face recognition to make the equipment more intelligent and understand users better. Application scenarios are suitable for intelligent transformation of public scenes: shopping malls, office buildings, residential areas, outdoor venues, airports, high-speed rail stations, expressway rest stations and other public places.


The structure of campus shared vending machine system  

The system is composed of campus shared vending machine business unit, communication application unit, wireless video monitoring unit (optional) and value-added service unit (optional).


1. Campus shared vending machine business unit is composed of campus shared vending machine terminal and business management platform.


2. The communication application unit is composed of special 3G / 4G router, M2M cloud management platform, 3G / 4G SIM card and lower computer (Snack Vending machine, lunch box vending machine, self-service coffee machine, adult products vending machine, etc.).


3. The system is composed of multi-media advertisement router, cloud advertising platform and 3G / 4G SIM card. The system has communication ability and can realize the networking communication requirements of a single vending machine.


Working principle of campus shared vending machine  

The campus shared vending machine is a Mechatronics Automation device. On the premise of receiving the money input, the controller can start the mechanical device of relevant position to complete the specified action by touching the control button input signal, and output the goods.


1. The user puts the money into the slot, and the currency identifier identifies the currency;


2. According to the amount of money, the controller provides the information of goods available for sale to the user through the selection button indicator, and the user can choose the goods he wants to buy;


3. Press the key corresponding to the user's selected goods, the controller receives the information from the button, drives the corresponding parts, and sells the goods selected by the user to the pickup port;


4. If there is enough balance, you can continue to purchase. Within 15 seconds, the campus shared vending machine will automatically find the change or the user will turn the refund button to exit the change.


5. Take the change from the return port to complete the transaction.


Payment method of campus shared vending machine


Online payment refers to the transfer of funds through the Internet. By using some digital financial instruments supported by banks, the financial exchange between buyers and sellers can be realized, such as online currency payment, cash flow, capital settlement, query and statistics, etc., from the buyer to the financial institutions and businesses, so as to provide finance for e-commerce services and other services support. There are different payment methods for different vending machines in Guangdong Province, and there are generally the following three categories.


1. IC card payment type, support a variety of IC card payment, including UnionPay card, Yangchengtong, all-in-one card, etc. According to the quantity, the background service system can be configured for unified management.


2. Mobile payment type, support mobile phone to make a phone call or send SMS to buy goods in the machine, can choose two ways of fee deduction and no fee deduction, and can configure the background service system according to the quantity, which has a strong popular trend.


3. Currency payment type, the MDB standard currency system supports paper money, coin payment and coin change. It has high anti-counterfeiting ability and perfect anti-theft system. It is the most common and convenient payment method at present. Users can select relevant functions according to their needs.


Business model of campus shared vending machine  

Campus shared vending machine will become a new scene in retail relationship in the future. You can imagine how many new business scenarios will emerge when 10 million campus shared vending machines appear in subways, shopping centers, office buildings and communities. The management background based on cloud computing, big data and intelligence can help customers realize intelligent operation, which not only drives thousands or tens of thousands of campus shared vending machines, but also a new retail format and business model.


1. Direct purchase: the business model of direct purchase is that the operator directly purchases the equipment from the campus shared vending machine manufacturer. After the purchase, the equipment belongs to the operator, and the manufacturer is responsible for the paid installation, testing and maintenance, and then the operator is responsible for the products needed by the operation.


2. Cooperative leasing: the business model of cooperative leasing is similar to that of direct purchase, in that the operator is still responsible for all daily business affairs, while the manufacturer provides free installation test and routine maintenance services. Cooperative leasing generally has two ways: one is that the operator pays the rent and the sales profit belongs to himself; the other is that he does not pay the rent, but the sales profit needs to be distributed to the manufacturer.


3. Free delivery: the mode of free delivery is that the operator provides free delivery site, and the manufacturer or merchant is fully responsible for the business affairs, including the installation and maintenance of the machine and the purchase and sale of the products. This kind of business model often does not have the commercial nature, but is for the convenience of the user's life. For example, the neighborhood committee put the campus shared vending machine in the community to facilitate the purchase of owners.


4. Agent franchise: this business model is often dominated by the brand businesses of campus shared vending machines. Investors need to pay a certain franchise fee or equipment deposit, and then obtain the operation right of the equipment from the brand headquarters, and purchase products directly from the headquarters, and learn the management experience. The way of agent franchise is suitable for novice entrepreneurs.

Profit model of campus shared vending machine  

With the emergence of new retail mode, for offline stores, the problem is how to open all the online and offline channels with new retail thinking, so as to form online and offline integration, and bring more performance and flow for offline entities. The emergence of customized development of vending machine software can easily help offline businesses realize this problem.


1. Selling drinks and food through campus shared vending machines: the prices of goods sold by campus shared vending machines are mostly the same as those sold by supermarkets and other stores. Many people will choose to buy their own target goods on campus shared vending machines near communities or working buildings. In the operation process of campus shared vending machines, there is no need for salesmen to wait all day, and the payment behavior can also be completed by consumers independently. The operators only need to make regular replenishment and do not have to pay high labor costs, thus increasing the operating profits of campus shared vending machines.


2. Therefore, the operators can share the profits of the vending machines on the campus with other vending machines.


3. Using the campus shared vending machine to carry on the advertisement: the campus sharing vending machine advertisement mainly refers to the video advertisement on the screen. Video advertising is cheaper than television advertising, and 24-hour uninterrupted broadcast, the effect is not worse than television advertising. At the same time, fuselage advertising will also be adopted by many businesses.


Campus shared vending machine application scenarios  

The campus shared vending machine scheme has a wide range of applications, such as: all kinds of fast-moving consumer goods (drinks, snacks, etc.), sex goods, intelligent products and accessories (such as Bluetooth headset, low-end smart phone, 3D glasses, etc.), ranging from a condom to a bag of rice, can be sold products of the School Park shared vending machine. The campus shared vending machine not only provides a sales platform, but also an operation management platform. Through the combination of online and offline, it enhances the sense of consumption experience; through the interaction between wechat or terminal app and consumer experience users, the long-term operation mode can be realized.


Generally applicable to:

Intelligent transformation of all kinds of snack shops, parks and scenic spots, hospitals, factory education, government, airport, expressway rest station.


Development prospect of campus shared vending machine  

With the rapid development of economy, the popularization and application of campus shared vending machine in China is an inevitable trend. At present, the market trend of domestic campus shared vending machines has gradually become clear. Campus shared vending machines have gradually extended from coastal economically developed areas and large and medium-sized cities to inland and sub developed areas, and gradually popularized from luxury places such as hotels, schools, subways and airports to high-grade and high-grade social areas. It is possible to say that the market potential is good. However, with the gradual increase of the number of campus shared vending machines in the market, the traditional campus shared vending machines are facing two problems. On the one hand, in the use process, there are often material shortage, machine failure, and so on. At the same time, the operation of the vending machine is affected because the management personnel of the campus shared vending machine do not know the fault situation in time and deal with it in time. At present, the application of campus shared vending machine fault can only be reported through the regular inspection of the management personnel or the telephone declaration of the public, which not only delays the failure The processing time also affects the service quality of the operating company. On the other hand, today's network has a profound impact on people's lives, from ATM to subway self-service ticket machine, from cinema automatic ticket machine to power company self-service payment machine, all show the convenience of network for life. With the advent of the Internet plus era, people's payment methods and consumption habits have undergone tremendous changes. The network and intellectualization of campus shared vending machine is an inevitable trend.


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