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Self-Kiosk Machine Hardware Module Integration

Self-serving kiosk machines substantially help to grow your business and the business community has realized it. The ever-increasing uses of kiosk machines reveal that companies want to enhance customer experience and increase sales through these astonishing machines. However, delivering the best user experience depends on your kiosk machine hardware. You don't always need to buy the most expensive hardware for your kiosk machine. Conversely, it is important to choose the proper hardware that can integrate well with other components to fulfill your needs.

Touch screen monitors
Monitor, also named as viewing panel or touch screen display, is the most critical hardware component of a kiosk machine. Monitors are available in different sizes and different working mechanisms. However, you should choose a monitor with In-Plane Switching (IPS) for rendering accurate and consistent colors as IPS maximizes the display from any viewing angle. IPS screens are also imperative because users do not experience tailing or excessive brightening when they touch the monitor screens. Moreover, the following factors are important to be considered when choosing monitors or touchscreens for your kiosk machine.

Receipt printer
A printer is not a mandatory component and it depends on the function of your kiosk machine whether you need it or not. If you need a printer, the function will determine the type of printer. If you need to print receipts only, a basic printer time works well. However, you need to add a more advanced printer with greater qualities if you need to dispense tickets, maps, etc. 

POS card reader
If you want your kiosk machine to accept credit/debit cards then you need a magstripe card reader in the machine. You can look for EMV capable card readers, PIN pads, and contactless card readers as well to meet your requirements. 

Kiosk enclosure
The enclosure is also a very important self-service kiosk machine component. Whether your kiosk machine is floor-standing, sit-down, countertop, wall mount, or outdoor, its components need a frame or enclosure. Most of the enclosures are of metal, wood, fiberglass, and plastic. It depends on the location of the kiosk machine in deciding what type of enclosure suits the machine. 

Signature pad
If you decide to have signatures of the customers for purchasing, credit/debit card authorization, or for any other reason, then a signature pad is necessary. 
Video cameras, speakers, and telephones
Video cameras, speakers, and telephones are the optional components of the kiosk machines. You need those components in your machine if users have to connect with a representative, listen to audible instructions, or sounds needed for any other functions like offering music previews. 

Other components
The following are some other components of the kiosk machines that you can choose for your machine.

Final thoughts
Kiosk machines have mandatory as well as optional hardware components and it isn't necessary for you to have all the components in your self-service kiosk machines. We recommend that you should decide in terms of return on investments when designing your kiosk machine. You can have all major components in your machines but it makes sense that spend only on those components that are necessary for your business needs. If you want to design your kiosk machine, you can feel free to contact us.

Kiosk Custom ODM and OEM projects
1. Retail self-checkout kiosk
2. Restaurant self-ordering kiosk
3. Government public service kiosk
4. Transportation kiosk
5. Ticketing kiosk
6. Bill payment kiosk
7. Gaming club kiosk
8. Parking lot kiosk
9. Security checking kiosk
10. Advertising display kiosk
11. Public information service kiosk
Fdata offers a variety of self-ordering kiosk integration solutions for your business. They can be customized the dimensions of the self-kiosk frames and motherboards, integrated with POS terminal, NFC, barcode and QR reader, MSR card reader, IP camera, printer, facial recognition, mobile pay, and so on.

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