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What's the usage of NFC technology

Near field communication or NFC has been existing for quite some time now. It is a term that is used to indicate a contactless exchange of data through RFID technology. The standard worldwide frequencies for NFC devices can allow for a transmission range of between 5 and 10cm.
NFC pay technology is significantly different from QR code because it works seamlessly with tablets, notebooks, cellphones, and any other mobile end device. The NFC device market has kept expanding because it can easily support consumer sector apps like intelligent posters, interactive marketing events, and payment systems. There is a whole lot to gain from the growing NFC device market. Let’s dive right in!
Some of the advantages of using NFC
NFC and QR code may both be technologies for data collection, but when you look them from various levels, you would discover that the NFC technology is way ahead of the game. This section intends to outline how the NFC technology is better than any other scanner technology.
  • Almost all cellphones already have the necessary NFC interface.
  • NFC devices are suitable for a range of applications like in industries, marketing, logistics, and automotive.
  • No app is needed to get NFC working. This is the exact opposite for QR code because it requires an app before it can work.
  • It has a 13.56 MHz worldwide transmission standard that any manufacturing company can easily work with.
  • Product carrying NFC tag automatically becomes unique because all the chips are uniquely designed.
  • It only requires an unseen integration into an existing design because it does not need to make any contact with the user’s smartphone.
  • You can decide to supplement, read or change the data on the chip if you choose to.
NFC applications in our everyday life
A deliberate enumeration of how an NFC tag reader is used in our everyday living will go a long way in explaining the popularity of this technology. Near field communication technology has found rich applications in the following areas;
  • Ticketing in transport systems
  • Watchman & security services
  • Intelligent print products
  • Care services
  • Contactless lock/unlock systems
  • Mobile payment systems
  • Smart home appliances
  • Downloading or streaming media

There are many more areas where NFC technology is being applied at the moment. And our developers are currently working hard to see how NFC technologies can be safely used in other aspects of our lives.
The world will continue to adjust to more flexible data collection technologies. The current pandemic has placed more demands on the simplicity and safety of doing business. NFC systems appear to be the future for many businesses. Some are already using it, and many more are getting in on the train. During the course of the post, we’ve successfully highlighted some of the NFC solutions we can design and develop for you. Customizing these solutions according to your brand will be our pleasure. Android NFC solutions is also part of our expertise.


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