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How to choose a self-service kiosk terminal for a restaurant

Have you seen the stand-alone self-checkout machine or kiosk machine in restaurants? You will notice that the queue in the self-checkout kiosk is less there compared to that in the checkout section. This is a kiosk machine which are digital touch screens that lets you place your order and make the payment by yourself without the need of any cashier. According to a study, it is found that 46% of consumers want the self-checkout kiosk at restaurants. The demand for restaurants with this contactless method has increased after the outbreak of COVID-19.
The self-checkout kiosk can be available as part of the business's larger point-of-sales (POS) system or there can be free-standing kiosks as well that can be integrated with multiple POS systems. Self-checkout kiosk comes in various sizes and shapes. You need to choose one according to your business needs. The hardware configuration will vary according to the usage as well. For example, if you have a limited space, then a wall mounted kiosk will be better. You must ensure that the hardware components. When choosing a self-checkout kiosk hardware, you have to consider several things.



Monitor is one of the most critical parts of a kiosk. It is often called the viewing panel as well. Screen with in-plane switching is always better as it maximizes the display. You should choose the size of the monitor according to your business needs. But you have to remember that once you go for a size more than 27 inch, the price will increase considerably. You also need to decide on the touch points you need. Some monitors also have multiple user access. So, you need to decide on that too.


You should choose a computer with more options. You should ensure that there is networking capability and digital audio and video compatibility. There are many options available and you should choose one according to your need. You can choose tablets as well like Google's Android.


If the kiosk just gives receipts then you can use a simple printer. But if it gives tickets or maps then you need a printer with more capabilities. You should first decide what your business needs before buying the printer. Self-checkout kiosks often come with enclosure, card reader, signature pad, video camera, and other accessories. You can have them for extra money.


You have to ensure that the kiosk software for the restaurant works seamlessly with your POS system or hardware which includes the kitchen display unit, printers, and the payment processor. It should be integrated with the bar code scanner as well. The kiosk software must directly communicate to the POS.


You can find self-checkout machine or kiosk machine in various price ranges. The hardware and software fees may vary So, you should look into a few of those hardware and evaluate their prices before choosing one.

Ease of use

A self-service terminal must be easy to use and simple so that the guests can navigate it easily. It must be easy to maintain by the restaurant staff as well. It should be easy to set up also.
One of the main reasons to have a self-service kiosk in your restaurant is to speed up order processing. Instead of waiting in the queue in front of the cashier and waiting for your turn, you can place the order yourself. When choosing the self-service kiosk, you have to understand your need first and then select one that is right for your restaurant.

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