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What do you expect of the future restaurants

In recent years, there are many news reports about the robotic restaurants, and tempting customers by robotic service. Though this might be a stunt given by some restaurants, also many restaurants took this technology to earn enough margin and improved their customer experience.
restaurant robot future

What will the future restaurants you look like?


A few month ago, the Foodom robotic restaurant, located in Guangzhou, opened grandly. According to the restaurant engineers introduced, the Foodom robot restaurant is equipped with 46 advanced robotic devices, including receptionist robots, stir frying robots, cooking rice robots, frying robots, wine mixing robots, making snack robots, meal delivery robots, etc., They can provide services for customers at any time. And also some world-class famous chefs teach the robots cooking in person, which is interesting, delicious, tasty!


In addition to all kinds of robots, there is invisible intelligent support system, including customer service system and robot equipment scheduling system. Support multi-channel ordering, multi payment methods and other human-computer cooperation, realize the visual management and real-time interaction function of the devices, more intuitive and concise presentation, and humanized operation. Diners have said "cool, great!"

restaurant delivery robot

With the further development of 5g, artificial intelligence and Internet of things technology, some jobs with hard working environment, repetitive, heavy and process are replaced by machines. The progress and development of science and technology are constantly impacting all walks of life, and this trend will accelerate in the future. Many restaurnat enterprises have tried to use artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies to the traditional catering industry. Robot restaurant, unmanned restaurant and smart restaurant have become the hot words in the restaurant industry in recent years.


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