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FDATA Custom Self Kiosk Integration Solution

The world is always in changing and going forward since the technology innovation. In the recent years, you could often see that more and more new advanced technology devices reach to our sights. For instance, self-payment kiosk is a typical case. It brings more convenience for customers and improves the flow of orders for merchants. The self-kiosks are used as vending machines, public service, information system or advertising display, etc.
Fdata specializes in the development of POS terminal and self-Kiosk customized solutions.
Kiosk Custom Integration Solution
This is a part of Fdata self-service kiosk projects here. They can be customized the motherboard, the size of the kiosk display frame and integrated with POS terminal, NFC, barcode reader, MSR card reader, IP camera, printer, face recognition, mobile pay, and so on.
Kiosk Custom ODM and OEM projects
1. Retail self-checkout kiosk
2. Restaurant self-service kiosk
3. Government public service kiosk
4. Transportation kiosk
5. Ticketing center kiosk
6. Bill payment kiosk
7. Gaming club kiosk
8. Parking lot kiosk
9. Security checking kiosk
10. Advertising display kiosk
11. Public information service kiosk
These self-service kiosk terminals are used for self-checkout, vending goods, bill payment, ticket sales, information guide display, advertising play in a retail store, supermarket, restaurant, hotel, cinema, gym, gaming club, transportation (airport, metro station, train station, bus station), government public service, and more...
Fdata’s security and reliable self-service kiosk solutions for the self-payment kiosk sectors have been tailored for people looking for the very latest technology in high-requirements.


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