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Self-service Ticket Vending Machine Solution

We like to see ourselves as one of the most cost-effective and reliable options in self-ticketing solutions because of our achievements with a number of enterprises, software companies, and brands in the past. Our cooperation with the above partners had yielded high-quality self-ticketing machines.
Our knowledge and experience is why we are confident and competent we will deliver an outstanding ticket kiosk that will be suitable for your target market. As incredible as this may sound, this is just a tip of the iceberg regarding what we can offer you. Perhaps, you may want to read the rest of the article to discover what distinguishes our services from that of others.
Self-ticketing kiosks
Transport systems and local councils seem to be more organized now with the emergence of self-ticketing systems. With these machines planted at strategic locations, it has become easier for end-users to get their tickets without much stress. They no longer have to be constrained to buying their tickets at the bus stations or any other place that might not be convenient for them.
This has equally eliminated the risks of traveling around with cash. The public can easily use their cards to load their tickets, while they wait for the next available bus that will be plying their route.
Benefits of self-service ticket vending machine
There are a number of amazing benefits that are associated with a system of this nature. We will highlight the benefits below for you to see;
  • It eliminates the need for cash-in ticket machines and buses, knowing that cash management in such instances can be quite expensive.
  • A customer can easily cancel or claim back their lost ticket.
  • Transporters can actually buy their tickets wherever they deem convenient for them
  • This has helped significantly to reduce the amount of queues, and hastened boarding times for passengers.
How can we help you?
Manufacturing a ticket vending machine may not be as straightforward as many think, especially if you have decided to partner with a company that does not have the skillset to design and produce such machines.
We try to communicate closely with our customers to make sure we give them whatever they want. Our professionals also give their expert advice to the client so that the final product will be as efficient as what the end-user is looking forward to. We provide a wide range of functionalities, covering everything that has to do with self-ticketing machines.
We equally have the expertise to incorporate a lot of other features into a ticket machine. For instance, we can include optional features like printer, HD touchscreen display, card reader, as well as some other payment channels. Making sure such machines is compatible with all the types of network service is also our job. The rate at which businesses are adopting this technology tells you how successful these systems are. They are even cheaper to manage, since they are designed to function without any kind of supervision. So we will be glad to design and build one for you if you want.


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