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Fdata facial recognition and fever detection terminal solution is designed primarily for physical access control and can accurately assess the temperature of an individual wearing a mask. It's integrated with the advanced biometric detectors and algorithms to identity people's face characters when wearing masks, and it's a non-contact infrared thermography screening system to detect human temperature. It automatically delivers an abnormal voice warning if the captured temperature is over than the defined temperature value. The non-contact tech measure ability to detect body temperature will prove crucial in the efforts to prevent another uncontrolled spread of COVID-19 diseases.
Fdata biometric facial recognition and fever detection terminal system is widely used in the office attendance and in the entrance gate of public places. i.e. train station, metro station, airport, customs checkpoint, school, library, gymnasium, museum, bank, hospital, hotel, shopping mall, residence apartment, commercial building, industrial park, amusement park etc. It's the best solution of security checking in the publics.