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 Face Recognition Temperature Screening Terminal


Face Recognition Temperature Screening Terminal

Fdata facial recognition and fever detection terminal solution is designed primarily for physical access control and can accurately assess the temperature of an individual wearing a mask. It's integrated with the advanced biometric detectors and algorithms to identity people's face characters when wearing masks, and it's a non-contact infrared thermography screening system to detect human temperature. It automatically delivers an abnormal voice warning if the captured temperature is over than the defined temperature value. The non-contact tech measure ability to detect body temperature will prove crucial in the efforts to prevent another uncontrolled spread of COVID-19 diseases.
Fdata biometric facial recognition and fever detection terminal system is widely used in the office attendance and in the entrance gate of public places. i.e. train station, metro station, airport, customs checkpoint, school, library, gymnasium, museum, bank, hospital, hotel, shopping mall, residence apartment, commercial building, industrial park, amusement park etc. It's the best solution of security checking in the publics.

1. 3D face model, binocular live detection, no photo and video cheat. 

2. Facial recognition with mask, superfast detection speed less than 1s. 

3. Automatic alarm for an exceeded defined abnormal temperature. 

4. Measure accuracy ± 0.2 ℃, face capture distance in 50cm~100cm. 

5. Face capture, comparison, temperature detection to access. 

6. Perfectly integrate with your own customized APK programs. 

7. Data records are automatically exported to upload to cloud server. 

8. Support blacklist and white list definiens to pass by face scanning. 

9. Attendance data is instantly visible and automatically counted. 

10. Support to build on the pillar, bracket, wall, gate, table stand.


CPU Quad-core Cortex-A17,1.8GHZ
OS Android 7.1
Memory 2GB DDR3
Storage device 8GB(16GB Optional)
LCD 8'IPS  800*1280
I/O ports Internet Support WiFi  Ethernet, wireless WIFI
Audio Support 2W/8R Speaker
USB interface USB OTG*1, USB HOST standard A*1
SCI RS232*1, RS485*1
Relay  Open output*1
Wiegand Wiegand 26/34 output*1, Wiegand 26/34 input*1
Upgrade Button Support Uboot upgrade button
Wired Network Interface RJ45 Ethernet socket*1
Binocular recognition cameraa Resolution 200W pixel
Type Binocular wide motion camera
Focal distance 50~150CM 
White balance Automatic
Assessary  Fill light LED + infrared light 
Function Facial detection Multi-detection
Face database Maximun 30K
1:N Facial recognition Support ,recognition rate above 96.7%
1:1 Facial comparision Support ,recognition rate above 99.7%
Live detection Accuracy above 98.3% 
Face recognition speed Less than 1S
Stranger monitored Support
Identification range customize Support
UI customize Support
Remote upgrade Support
Interfaces Includes device mangement, Staff/Photo management, Record review, etc.
Deployment method Public cloud deployment, Privatization deployment, LAN, Stand-alone mode
Infrared themal imaging temperature measurement function Infrared themal imaging temperature measurement Support
Face recognition with mask Optimization support 
Human temperature detection Support
Temperature measurement distance 1 meter
Accuracy of temperature measurement 0.2℃
Temperature measurement range 10℃~42℃
Thermal field of view 32*32℃
Vistors' temperature is normal and released directly Support
Body temperature over temperature alarm Support (temperature alarm value can be defined)
General specification Protection degree IP65,certain outdoor dust and water resistance
Power DC12V(±10%)
Wordking Temperature -10℃~60℃
Storage Temperature Storage Temperature  -20℃~60℃
Power dissipation 13.5W (Max)
Installation Wall-mount brackets, Gate bracket installation
Dimension 238.24*128*21.48(mm)
External extension equipment ID card reader
IC card reader
QR reader
Entrance guard gate
Software secondary development Support system level, APP off-line level, APP+background  network level API docking, document improvement, secondary development.



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