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ODM & OEM Provider

Benefits of ODM

  • Custom Solution

    We help you achieve the design prototypes to mass production and make your idea possible and true. A special and extreme creative product can be quickly outstanding in the market competition.

  • Fitting Market Demand

    The design of device is customized according to the market trend. Its functions meet the market demand flexibly.

  • Cost Optimization

    It's tailored for customers, the cost is controllable and no extra cost for redundant functions.

  • Leading Right

    With a unique great product, you will quickly occupy the market. This kind of product marketing right belongs to you and no one could share with you.

How We Perform

Fdata Co., Ltd.

1. Rich Experience

Fdata provides one-stop custom service to clients from appearance design to software and hardware development. The specific service as following

  • Appearance Design(ID design - MD structure design - PCBA customization, etc)
  • Hardwares
  • Softwares
  • Certificates

Fdata provides financial product custom solutions and assist with product certificates.

4. Industry Solutions

Fdata provides ODM service for

  • Financial institutions
  • Telecommunication operators
  • Governments
  • Ticketing or lottery operators
  • Restaurants & Hotels
  • Retails chain stores
  • Tourists halls
  • Schools & Campuses
Industry Solutions

6. Timetable for ODM

According to customer's requirements, Fdata will evaluate and provide a project timeframe, including the prototype time and mass production time.

7. Technical Support

We provide 24/7 customer service, our engineers are always here with you for technical support.

Multiple technical feature choices, such as Ingenico or iD Teck card reader, Qualcomm processor, NFC, QR scanner and other technologies.

  • Ingenico

  • Qualcomm

  • NFC pay

  • QR code

Customizable Functions

1. Complete Payment Options

  • Card Reader

  • NFC

  • QR-code Scanner

  • Face Recognition

  • Thermal Printer

2. High-edge Biometric Technology

  • Fingerprint Identification

  • Face Recognition

  • Iris Recognition

  • Voice Recognition

  • Palm Secure

3. Retail Catering System

  • Android System

  • Receipt / Invoice Printer

  • Tax Record

  • Server Service

  • Biometric Registration and Authentication

Technical support

Need to obtain technical assistance

Technical support

Technical Support

Technical support provides customers technical help about the hardware and software of intelligent terminals such as point-of-sale (POS). In addition, get a development kit for operating intelligent terminals, training instructions and other help. Please fill in the form.