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If there was ever a time that hospitality solutions were needed to drive events in hotels, that time has to be now. A hotel is a place where people come in and go out. That’s why it is only necessary that hospitality operators rejig their operations to enable them function within safety guidelines.
Giving you the best of hospitality technology is exactly where we come in and are efficient. From smart facilities to hospitality safety, we have a myriad of system solutions we can deploy in your service to ensure smoother and safer operations with customers and anyone who comes around such premises. Here are a couple of systems we can help you with.
Smart payment solution
We specialize in the design and development solutions that are tailored to your business needs and purposes. An innovative hotel solution that will not be difficult for your customers to adopt and make use of. We believe in giving you the best of payment solutions for your hospitality services. As a hotel from reception counter to room services, we offer smart electronic cash register, portable POS system and smart room devices integrated with multiple payment portals, customers can easily order and pay your services in rooms. For instance, customers can order and pay for food delivery, washing clothes, or massage service, etc. These services will help you improve customers’ experience. Our solutions are exclusive and customized to your business.
Self-service kiosk
Self-service solutions are becoming a norm in our societies today. And with the coronavirus still very much around, we don’t need anyone to tell us that we need to limit physical contact with others, especially those who are suspected to be infected with the virus.
Therefore, a self-service kiosk is just what people need in hotels. We can build one of such systems for you. Of course, it will be fully customized according to your hotel requirements. You can count on us to give you a high-quality job in this regard. So long as it has to do with hotel kiosk solutions, we are 100% reliable.
Detection terminal
Building of face and fever detection terminal is also our specialty. If we need to be 100% effective in the way we are handling this COVID situation, then we need a fever detection terminal in your hotels. This has become extremely significant due to today’s challenges. So if you need something like this, you can bring us in and let us design something according to what you want.
Secure monitoring solution
Hotels may be where people go to for travelling and business activities. However, that doesn’t mean the subject of security should be undermined in such an environment. As a 21st century hotel, you should be able to boast of the coverage of your premises with security system. You should have eyes watching the whole place in case anything happens.
To do that, you can install monitoring cameras at strategic locations within your hotel premises. We design and manufacture effective monitoring system that can be used for such monitoring tasks. Regardless of whether you want them installed within the halls or around public places and wiring issues, we can get it done and secure solutions of wireless connections for you. That is not all, we are also into wireless control terminals for air conditioner and electricity. With our support, you can own a control system that will enable you wirelessly control your electricity supply and air conditioners in each room.
The times we are in now requires that workflows should be changed to ensure better efficiency and a safer environment. Hotels are not exempted from this new development. So perhaps you have never thought of it, you can boost operations within your hotel by simply introducing a few of smart hospitality terminals. Reach out today, so we can build a custom solution

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