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There are many payment methods are using nowadays, such as cash, bank check, credit card, gift card, e-Bank, NFC, QR code, biometric and virtual e-money. Each country has its payment fashions.
Shop owners have to accept various payments methods, otherwise, the transaction couldn't be achieved. So they have to use various devices to get payment. Too many devices and too much investment will impact business. The traditional point of sales provides few functions, can run a few applications, it's not suited for today's business.


Payment Payment Payment

Magstripe, IC card, barcode or NFC, even fingerprint 
and facial recognition - all meet to customers needs.

Fdata POS pass the EMV, PCI, Visa, Master,
UnionPay certificates.

Identify bank cards, Barcode, NFC in seconds,
so easy and convenient to pay.


Payment Complexity Made Simple

Payment Payment Payment
Portable All-in-one POS terminal Connectivity Receipt Printer

P705/P705R provides all in one solution, it integrated
with card readers, NFC, QR code scanner, etc.

P705 supports 3G/4G network, WiFi, Bluetooth and
Ethernet, the device can be used anywhere.

Built in thermal printer, commodiously
print bill receipt for customers. 

Payment  Payment Payment
Payment Protocols Open Source Compatibility

EMV, PCI, Master, VISA, Paywave,

PayPass, UnionPay certified

It's open source developed and Andriod system based.

Support most Android applications in one POS terminal


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Technical Support

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