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OEM Tailored Hardware for Restaurant Solution
Self-service solutions seem like the perfect answer to this pandemic for businesses. Everyone needs to be extra careful regarding who they come in contact with. If you are having a restaurant, now is a good time to ponder how you can deploy various innovative solutions for your business and not endanger the health of your customers.
If you are wondering what sort of restaurant kiosk solutions can help you out in a time like this, then you are in the right place. We will gladly walk you through the various restaurant technology that can help you improve how you run your restaurant in a time like this.

Customer self-ordering kiosk terminal
Have you thought of the possibility of having a self-ordering kiosk? I mean, that will be one of the smartest ideas anyone can come up with right now. You don’t need to physically interact with your customers. Times are changing, and the best thing you can do is to change with the time.
Our plenty years of experience has seen us develop some of the most robust self-ordering kiosk terminals. If we build yours for you, you are assured of a two way satisfaction. Customers’ health will not be endangered and it’s convenient to them. Customers will be happy because it makes eating out easier for them.

Electronic menus at tables
The world has gone fully digital and the food menus haven’t been left out. You don’t need to continue with the old-fashioned paper menu. First and foremost, that is more stressful because the employee will need to walk to almost all the tables to receive the menu from the customers. But like we said, say goodbye to the stone ages. There is a digital way of doing that now. Use e-menus at individual tables to receive your customers’ menus. It’s efficient and user-friendly. If you have this coupled with a customized POS hardware solution, everyone within that locality will be rooting for your restaurant.

Portable POS machine
Portable POS machines have really simplified the stress that customers need to go through counter to make payments. It’s one of the huge benefits of the proposed digital economy in the restaurant industry. But when you bring in an Android based portable POS machine, it gets even better. This device will help instill orderliness in your restaurant because you would not have people running around serving and receiving physical menus.
They can use this device to place their orders and even make payments. It is a convenient self-ordering system. If you genuinely want to move your restaurant business forward in such a time like this, then you cannot do without a device of this nature. Interestingly, we can help you build this device and customize it to your requirements. For example, we can customize devices like restaurant counter checkout terminals, touchscreen display, printer, and POS peripherals, and much more. There is a whole lot more innovation solutions we can design, develop, manufacture and support for you.

We combined a various of RFID, artificial intelligence automation and robot, mobile pay technologies and offer you a series of restaurant technology solutions. Transform your restaurant business into one that fits with that of the 21st century. All in a bid to help you reorganize your business and move it forward. And beyond the pandemic, these solutions make your restaurant to appear smarter.


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